MČR middle Q (21/06/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sklad Sýrů
Country: Czech republic
Discipline: middle
Distance: 6.23 km
Time: 39:55
It was much nicer than I expected. Not so much rocks and if were there some than it was no problem to read situation corectly from tha map. The route was good mix of more difficult slower legs with easier and faster legs. So the middle as it should be. I ran really good and I passed to the final A. Even though I was in most difficult heat group because organisers didn't manage to make heat groups. After such nice qualitfication I was looking forward to the final but unfortunately the terrible and unacceptable choice of the terrain for final ruined the whole competition. I have also say that despite the fact it was championship so one would expect everything best, the quality of print of the maps was horrible.
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MČR middle Q (21/06/2014) MČR middle Q (21/06/2014)