MČR middle F part 1 (22/06/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ježek na žábě
Country: Czech republic
Discipline: middle
Distance: 4.35 km
Time: 38:23
This was total shit. Some might say that the best ones can run in whatever terrain and that this isn't problem for them, yes thats true, but still I think that in this terrain where even map in scale 1:5000 wouldn't be enough is bad decision to make final of czech championship... If they would make there some summer competition than I wouldn't say anything, for those who don't like fast orienteering it may be perfect choice, but not in final of czech championship, besides the print quality (at least my map) was pretty bad. I can see with my own eys the noise on the edges of countour lines for example. So I can say organisation was the perfect but if this club would like to make some big competition ever again they should really consider what is suitable for elite competitions in orienteering... I will not comment my performance because it was in one word bad. Just look at sixth control...
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MČR middle F part 1 (22/06/2014) MČR middle F part 1 (22/06/2014)