Well, after some time I decided to remake my blog and start writng about competitions I ran or another things connected with orienteering. Of course I don’t expect that people will read it but at least it can serve as my personall notebook if nothing else. I will not strictly keep writing in english.

So the first orienteering competitions (for me) this year took place in my favourite terrains just next to Hradec Králové.

On saturday I decided to not run the longest course which was 20Km but just 16Km long one. Surface was quite hard and definitely not wet so it allowed really fast running even out of paths and roads. However as I found out on the way to 3rd control some green areas were so dense so it was impossible to pass. I suspect mapmaker that he wasn’t even went there because nobody would expect that someone would try to pass it. I was however used to from Lipica open where we had to pass really awful dense areas full of thorny flowers that I expect there is no way that something similiar could be there but I was definitely wrong. Fortunately afterwards was race really nice even thought some legs were as for track and field athletes. For example the routchoice to the 8th control (MAP), where one could choose follow for 1Km the big road from north or the little smaller road from south. I finished in time 84 what is good result for me on the beggining of the season.

On sunday there were relay on the same place but while on saturday was a sunny and warm weather than on sunday was it completely different chilly and rainy so everybody tasted real beggining of spring.

I am really satisfied with the my performance. Despite the fact that some of the best runners were on selection races for EOC there were still quite good competition among men cathegory. I ran as usually first leg. I was trying to do my own race without taking care of others and it paid. I did just a few minor mistakes and finished first with 1 min lead. Unfortunately my two team mates didn’t avoid some bigger mistakes and we felt to final 9th place which is still the better than Pardubice second team but we were able to do better. So next time maybe.

Quite funny was also that organiser probably by mistake deleted one of the biggest roads in the map but I didn’t evean realized that it wasn’t there as lot of other runners but as I heard some of them stoped and hesitated for a while if they are there when they thought to be.  MAP

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