DSC01888After the last winter when there was lack of snow the whole winter to do some proper cross country skiing outside 3,4 km long world cup tracks I was hoping whole year that this winter will be different. It looked pretty bad from the beginning but in the second january week it finaly came two days heavy snowing afte which they made ski tracks across the countryside and I have spent four days by skiing. It wasn’t perfect sometimes there were grass or branches visible but it was like the heaven after the last year. Unfortunatly after those four days temperatures went up to + 10°C and heavy raining poured into the snow so it parished pretty fast.

DSC01892Now, first days in february we have snow again on Vysočina but less than three weeks ago but even though there are again some ski tracks and it is possible to ski at least a bit. So my winter training so far is quite good mix of classic skiing across the countryside, fast skate skiing on race tracks and running both on the map and on the roads.

I ran some pretty funny trainings such as THIS “maze training” where I put some random maze from the internet into the map and made some course which was approximatelly 7 km long under the line. However in the reality it was over 17 kilometres before I got into the finish so pretty tough training. Another funny training was THIS one 70 controls on the 8,7 km long course and in the snow. Somewhere there was just slightly over 15 cm of powder snow what is still quite good for running but somewhere and especially in the denser forest or on clearings where has remained the old snow from the beginning of january there was nearly one meter of snow what made runing almost impossible and it was real test of endurance.

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