One month before 2015 10mila we went to Sweden to training camp in some relevant terrains. Trainings on the official 10mila training maps scared me a little bit because terrain was pretty ugly and difficult. Branches and fallen trees everywhere under the legs, new clearings where is almost impossible to run and undergrowth areas in map were really dense green areas in reality. I strugled a little to get into the map and run without mistakes in faster pace. On saturday we were supposed to run lännamedel competition. The evening before the race I checked the start list and I was horrified. I have should started last of all the runners and before me was Vacant. From this moment I knew that I will most likely won’t run a good race. I was alone on the start area and organisers started to pack the start corridors even before I started. They were drilling with drilling machine and it didn’t make me calm down before the race. After the start I we doing one mistake after another and at the end I was almost last.

On sunday I wanted to repair my reputation. I ran first leg of Rånässtafetten and I wanted to make a good race because I love first legs. The competition took part in the forest just over the field from the 10mila forest and it was totaly different from the terrains we ran earlier at this training camp. Surface was clear and fast and sometimes I felt myself as in Vysočina forest. I was able to read a map properly and I made just two small mistakes. On the finish line I was eight just 15 seconds behind the leading team. So I was very satisfied with my performance and it made me really happy that I can make a clear race even in Sweden. Now I have to make some good preparation for 10mila.

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