1. ČP (11/05/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Babylon
Country: Czech republic
Discipline: long
Distance: 17.99 km
Time: 94:21
the race consisted from two, completely different parts. First, "Vysočina" like terrain was quite fast with a lot of vegetation details with vast paths net. In that part I ran well except a mistake on the second cotrol where I had a problem to read a map correctly. Second part was steep hill ascending from the reservoir in the dale. There were also some little rocks and stones. I wasn't very secure with my map in that part so I took slightly slower pace. On the end of the race I started to feel very tired especially during climbing the last big hill before pre-warning. I was 15th and 9th including only czech runners so I was satisfied with the race.
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1. ČP  (11/05/2013) 1. ČP  (11/05/2013)