25manna 2013 (12/10/2013)
Category: Competition
Map/area: 25manna 2013 Brunna
Country: Sweden
Discipline: team relay
Leg: 4.2
Distance: 8.19 km
Time: 47:06
Well, nice race. However as you probably see I did a huge mistake on 7th control. It was quite confusing in that part. This area by the way looks like is caused by some forest fire some time ago. I felt like a little child when I was running around in those marshes and green areas from control to control among dozens of other peoples but unable to find my own control. In the end I had to ask some fat woman on her control where does that contral is and than I was finally able to find my own.
Otherwise it was quite nice race in last part after the gree/yellow area it was in fact denser than it looks like from the map.
Our team was unfortunatelly disqulified due to inconvenient injury of Leif.
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25manna 2013 (12/10/2013) 25manna 2013 (12/10/2013)