10mila 2014 (03/05/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: 10mila Sm?land
Country: Sweden
Discipline: team relay
Leg: 3.
Distance: 14.8 km
Time: 79:40
This year I ran 3rd leg on Tiomila. 13km and not forked. I started just after the sunset so it was a night leg. When I got a map we were just 2 minutes after the leading team. I ran in the strong group with such teams as Kalevan rasti, södertälje-Nykvarn and so on. Head of the group was really fast and group was quite big so when I ran somewhere in the middle of group it was really difficult because you have to be carefull to not hit with the other runners and if you lost just half a meter to a runner before you than somebody will immidiately to overrun you. I had no problem with speed in the forest but when we ran on the roads pace was really crazy I had lot of work to do to keep this pace. The biggest problem was that as we were maybe 35 or 40 runners in the group than on some controls where were just two SI punching boxes to punch the control. 10 runners were simultaneusly trying to stick SI card to the hole. It was really tough fight. When I managed to punch I had only few moments before somebody kick me out withou seeing neither light or hearing sound so I was really nervous if I have all the controls in my si card. In the second part of the race we even cought the leading group so on change I was 26th but just 30 seconds behind the leader.
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10mila 2014 (03/05/2014) 10mila 2014 (03/05/2014)