MČR sprint (08/05/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Znojmo
Country: Czech republic
Discipline: sprint
Distance: 3.85 km
Time: 16:21
My first sprint championship among adults. I didn't have a good beginning of the race. On the first control I didn't realize that a small way in the map is in reality just another level of city wall so I did more than 20 sec mistake here. On the leg to third control I choosed a good route choice but on the last part of the leg a misslooked and ran to 4th control instead of 3rd. That stupid mistake costed me 40 seconds. So if the third control was a start I would have a medal :D. Unfortunately it wasn't and 18th place is not as good. From third control to finnish I lost only 7 seconds to the winning Vojtěch Král. However I have to say that it was very nice competition area for Czech standards quite difficult. However it was a TV competition and I think course maker have should made courses easier and faster because this haven't looked good in TV when plenty of runners have must stoped during the race and watched to map for seconds.
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MČR sprint (08/05/2014) MČR sprint (08/05/2014)