3. ČP (07/06/2014)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kopeček 822
Country: Czech republic
Discipline: long
Distance: 18.78 km
Time: 111:06
My favourite terrain, nice course but unfortunatelly my most hated weather. Temperatures around 30°C were too much for me and I strugled almost from the beggining. My stomach hurt , my brain was overheated and I couldn't breathe. I was really thinking about to give up but I wanted to finish this race near to my house. I can't rate the map technic in this race because my brain refused to work so I couldn't concentrate for map at all. Despite this I didn't many mistakes but if it was 15 degrees colder it would be completely different race from me, but it is unfortunatelly just if...
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3. ČP (07/06/2014) 3. ČP (07/06/2014)