10mila 2015 (09/05/2015)
Category: Competition
Map/area: 10mila 2015
Country: Sweden
Discipline: team relay
Leg: 1.
Distance: 14.76 km
Time: 73:45
First time first leg on 10mila. I felt quite confident before the race. From the beginnig we didn't run as fast as I expected even though at least half of the long leg to the first control we ran on the field. Physicaly I felt good. Unfortunately I did two stupid mistakes. First one to the sixth control. That one wasn't really big one. I didn't see the green area and I ran along it from the wrong side so I had to cross it to get to my control. The worse mistake came after the television control to the 12th control. It may seem from the map that I ran with the group to another forking but I was there almost alone. I took the wrong direction and did a parallel mistake. In the area when I stoped and turned back it looked quite similiar to the area when my control have ought to be. I was quite lucky that I met there Mára Minář who did the same mistake before me and he already knew where he have been. So we found the control relatively quickly. But I lost there around 2 minutes and at least 40 positions. After the spectator control the terrain slightly changed and it was easier for me and it was even unforked. I felt that I can go faster than the group there so I tried to shorten the gap to the leaders. I was quite succesful in it and I managed to finish on 75th position what isn't exactly that what I wanted but it was in the second group and in the contact with some really strong teams around us.
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10mila 2015 (09/05/2015) 10mila 2015 (09/05/2015)