25manna 2012 (06/10/2012)
Category: Competition
Map/area: 25manna 2012
Country: Sweden
Discipline: multi relay
Leg: 7(2)
Distance: 6.78 km
Time: 32:43
It wasn't very challenging course, only 5,3 km long. I run 7th leg in second postion in the club. The race was held in the same area as I ran part of the "l?nga natten" on 10mila 2011. The forest there is quite clean and surface isn't as overgrown as is typical for most of Swden forests. There were also lot of paths so I decided to using them instead of risking to make any mistake and problem for 24 other runners in our team. In spite of this I have made a mistake (cca 1'30") to the 4th control where I didn't keep right direction and ran onto the parth earlier than I wanted to. Then I want to to take another path on the junction but I didn't see in that direction so I ran further. afterward when I realised that I am too far I had to come back and from this direction I found a path without any problem.
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25manna 2012 (06/10/2012) 25manna 2012 (06/10/2012)