After 5 years I took part on Stigtomtakavlen again, this time probably with higher expectation. As usually in Swedish night relays I was put on the 3rd leg what was not forked 6km long night course so I couldn’t complain. Fredrik Edén and Fredrik Matsson ran very good on first two legs so I got the map in the contact just two minutes behind the leading man. My race was good even though I did some smaller mistakes as it that to 5th control MAP. Physically I felt really strong and if it wasn’t dark and if it wasn’t in Sweden I would be able to run away from that group I was in. Next day our day runners also did a good job and overall 7th place mean really good result for us.

Next race was kolmårdsmedel which was a middle distance in the same terrain as following kolmårdskavlen so I took it rather as a preparation for it. Unfortunately not very succesful preparation. Physically it was again really god but mentaly not. I wasn’t concentrated which proved my stupid mistake on first control. Than I ran quite good at least I felt it like. After several smaller mistake I finnished in really bad time and I found out that I was disqulified. I mispunched control N10 MAP where I punched stone instead of small valley approximately 10m away.

Kolmårdskavlen, team rellay consisted out of 5 men. I ran second leg this time, thus the leg I am not very familiar with. Noga did unfortunately quite big mistake in the final part of his course and lost 4 minutes to the lead and almost 2 minutes to Kåre second team. So I set the catching the Remo running for second team for the goal of my race and I made it. After quite good and clear beggining came the leg which was from two thirds just about following the road. There I outran quite lot of runners I cought Remo and Dan Hájek which outran me on the way to 10th control where I didn’t notice the possibility of routchoice on the path MAP. We had same final part in stony hill so I followed him. That became almost deadly for me because he chose the routchoice to second last control over the cliff which was like 10m high with really small places to step on and final two and half meters jump. With a portion of luck I survived that a changed on 17th place and satisfaction from my performance.

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