201503141606-D71_4932I have decided at the last moment that I would go to the training camp to Hungary with Pardubice youth and juniors. The training camp took place in city Kiskunmajsa in a motel next to the thermal spa Jonathermal. It was the same place where I was at six days summer competition when I was just 11 years old and I struggled pretty much in that terrain in H12 cathegory. That was the reason why I was really looking forward to run again in these terrains this time on much harder courses.

Even though Kiskunmajsa is situated not far from the border with Serbia, thus, quite on the south, there wasn’t weather as one would expect. Teperatures just around 8°C and cloudy all the time.

We ran some very interesting trainings. First bigger challenge was “sprint”. Sprint in quotation marks because it was sprint 201503151218-D71_5178maybe according to the lenght but if you look at times for some it was rather middle and for most of the runners rather long distance. If you look on the MAP it may not look such difficult but if you consider that the green on the map is almost uncrosable thorny bush and it is not so rare that even on the yellow areas are bushes. So when I ran in to the area first time to the first control in pretty high speed I was like Alice in wonderland for I didn’t know at all what shall I use as attackpoints to find the control. After a while spent by running clueless in the area it was better. When I caught Píkej by 10 minutes on the tenth control it was a relief that I am not alone in this situation. Another blackout came on the was to the ninth control when we couldn’t find the control even though we knew exactly where we should seek it for it :).

In the same control we ran also “long” it wasn’t real long for me because it was prepared rather for the yonger guys. I ran much better than on the sprint and if I would have another few days to run here than I would become even familiar with the terrain. MAPThere was also funny thing on the leg to the first control when me and Noga have absolutely same time on this leg even though we both done pretty big mistake (watch at 3D rerun)

On the other hand we were also running in very fast terrain there in Hungary. For example the last training, MAP, it was extremely fast but very funny. It allowed you to run in really high pace but in the same time it reuquired to be very careful when it came to the final approach to the control 🙂

Other maps: Kombotech, 2 round sprint Q, 2 round sprint F